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New world of work calls for 'psychological flexibility'

'Psychological flexibility' is considered intuitive by many leaders, but understanding the label can be "liberating" and is the foundation of workplace efforts to improve psychological safety, a leadership specialist says.

How the pandemic has changed mentoring

Three key mentoring trends have emerged over the past 12 months, and there's one trait that sets apart 'great' mentors from those who are just 'good', new research indicates.

Does your workplace need a booze policy?

An alcohol policy recommended for a harassment-prone workplace is part of a "comprehensive approach to work health and safety" that every employer could consider, a lawyer says.

Webcast: Best-practice supports for caregiving employees

Managing caregiving employees has never been so challenging, and policies that were considered "progressive" not long ago are now just "expected". Watch this webcast to learn what now ranks as best practice and where your organisation can step up.

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