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Webcast: Strategies for flexible work success

Most organisations now consider themselves flexible, but the success of their arrangements varies wildly. Watch this webcast to gauge how sustainable your flexible work strategies are and learn what can take them to the next level.

How much should HR fear the Great Resignation?

Numerous surveys are predicting mass movement of employees over the coming months, with some industries to be hit harder than others. But the solution to this market levelling will come as no surprise to HR.

Time to "level up" to EVP 3.0

EVPs are employers' best defence in the current talent war, but many aren't reaching their potential because they lack direction on the value they create and measures of success, a branding specialist says.

Long-held myths busted in flexibility transformation

An employer whose traditionally conservative approach to flexible work was challenged by COVID-19 has since onboarded 150 employees remotely, embedded 10 flexible-work practices permanently, and hired a CEO who is working flexibly between two locations.

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