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Disciplinary meeting 'ambushed' employee

The five-minute disciplinary meeting that preceded an employee's summary dismissal was a chance to show cause "in name only", and more akin to an "ambush", the Fair Work Commission has found.

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Case study: The Navy's new mental health program

The Royal Australian Navy's new resilience program embraces that conversations about mental health should be occurring daily, and setting the right tone is the responsibility of leaders. » more »


Pregnant employee's redundancy the "very definition of unfair"

An employer's "abject failure" to consult with a pregnant employee prior to making her role redundant rendered its decision harsh and unjust, the Fair Work Commission has ruled. » more »


Webcast: Annualised wage arrangements

Modern award amendments affecting annualised salaries are among the biggest changes to impact HR in recent years. This webcast will help you understand how the new modern award clauses are intended to operate; record-keeping and wage conciliation obligations; alternatives to the modern award provisions; and more. » more »

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"Beyond generous" employer wins costs; Misbehaving worker "given every chance"; and more

An employer that offered a "beyond generous" settlement to a sacked employee has successfully argued she should pay its costs of defending her dismissal claim. Also in this article, the FWC upholds the dismissal of an employee who ignore multiple warnings about her behaviour; what's holding back tomorrow's workplace leaders; and more. » more »