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HR demand and pay in 2020; Employee benefits too complex; and more

Pay rates look set to remain fairly flat in 2020, but some HR roles will fare better than others. Also in this article, Josh Bersin says it's time to simplify employee benefits; gender equality progress remains underwhelming; and more.

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Sacking individual for branch's customer satisfaction score was unfair

The Fair Work Commission has castigated a large employer for its "astounding" lack of HR support, in ordering a $10,000 unfair dismissal payout to a former employee sacked for poor performance. » more »


Excessive hours, lack of support forced manager to resign

An employer's damage control following the demise of a workplace romance focused too much on a manager's conduct and not enough on his workload, the Fair Work Commission has found. » more »


Webcast: Unfair dismissal update

Certain Fair Work Commission rulings from 2019 will have a lasting impact on employers' defence of unfair dismissal claims. This HR Daily Premium webcast discusses key themes and lessons from the case law. » more »

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Protecting confidential information; Audio versus written statements; and more

In this week's featured post, HR Daily Community member Shane Koelmeyer shares a reminder about taking steps to protect confidential information before employees leave. Community members are also discussing written versus audio statements in workplace investigations, investing in the 'right' relationships at work, monitoring employees' online activity and more. » more »