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Systemic bias against women at board level: study

Women in Australia continue to face barriers to their involvement at board level and are under-valued as non-executive directors, according to a new report that says the "fundamental" deficiency is failing to train, develop and mentor women early in their careers.

Flexible employers falling short of platinum recognition

A score of Australian businesses have sought recognition for workplace flexibility since the implementation of a new scheme in May, but all have yet to reach the lofty goal of platinum accreditation.

Sexual harassment complaints process could save bottom line

Employers must implement an efficient and accessible sexual-harassment complaints process if they are to avert the devastating impact that sexual harassment can have on a company's morale and bottom line.

Women corporate leaders in decline: census

A new women-in-the-workplace census has revealed that the proportion of women to men on Australian corporate boards and in executive leadership roles is in decline.

Employers jumping the gun on paid maternity leave

As the Government considers the Productivity Commission's proposal for paid parental leave, a growing number of large Australian employers have opted not to wait to implement their own schemes.

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