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Employers making big strides on skills visibility

The most sophisticated employers now have a much clearer picture of their workforce's skills, aiding better-informed decisions about redeployment, reskilling and retention, a transformation expert says.

Employers sitting on untapped goldmine of skills

Employers now obtaining greater insight into the skills in their organisation are uncovering some huge surprises, not least among which are the ways employees would like to use and be recognised for their abilities.

How "enlightened" HR teams are using people data

HR functions made "significant strides" last year in their use of data and analytics, and organisations fall into three main categories when it comes to their level of sophistication, a Mercer expert says.

Constant surveys are "paralysing" employees

Upping the ante on communication has been crucial during the pandemic, but employers run the risk of "paralysing" employees if they don't put some rules and structure around their surveys, a CHRO warns.

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