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We live in exciting times. As digital technology ushers in a fourth industrial revolution, social, political and economic forces combine to shape a world that is impossible to predict. At Mercer, we believe uncertainty is the new normal, and that businesses must seek to understand this uncertainty if they are to position themselves best for the growth that lies in the new world ahead.

Fault lines: New thinking for a new era

Fault lines are places where powerful forces collide. At these intersections of unstoppable energy, new territory rises up as the old gives way.

Our new research reveals that today's business world is shaped by five key forces that are moving together to carve out tomorrow's landscape. By studying the pressure points where these forces meet, Mercer gives leaders an opportunity to understand the multi-directional set of challenges they now face, and how to be strategically dynamic in solving their organisational priorities.

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"96 per cent of the global C-suite are planning an organisational redesign. Yet just 18 per cent consider themselves 'change agile'."

Opportunity and risk for today's workforce leaders

In this report, we specifically considered the forces of low economic growth, technology disruption, living longer and global connectedness.

Methodology took the form of 37 in-depth, qualitative, one-on-one interviews between Mercer leaders and business and HR leaders in multiple industries and sectors across Australia.

The leaders we spoke to recognised that the various intersections of the fault lines were dissolving old realities and creating new prospects, but weren't always sure of the right direction to take.

What are the five forces of change? What workforce challenges are these creating? How are leaders navigating correctly to make the most of the opportunities that present themselves, while mitigating the risks?

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