In Aon's recent 2018 Best Employers study, it was revealed that 80 per cent of Aon Best Employers consider employee engagement and motivation as one of their top three HR priorities.

But far beyond a quarterly team outing and a year-end bonus, expectations around employee engagement and benefits are changing. In today's shifting employment landscape, employee priorities and motivations are complex, and as a result, organisations need to be creative in their offerings.

With a solid benefits plan – and looking outside the box for options to engage staff – organisations can ensure they are market leaders who can attract and retain top talent in the process.

Not only do Best Employers offer better benefits, they tailor their benefits to foster a high-performance culture. On average 73 per cent of employees at Best Employer organisations believe that their organisation's benefits meet their and their family's needs, compared to only 49 per cent at other organisations.

So, what creative benefits should be considered? Our research shows that organisations are shifting away from monetary rewards and toward employee-based benefits.

To spark your own employee engagement ideas, we are pleased to share a handful of benefits being adopted by the 2018 Best Employers. Click here for more information.

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