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Pathway to Your Potential (P2YP)™ is a leadership, talent and diversity offering delivering transformational change to organisations and individuals via deeply experiential and practical solutions.

"The intent of this experience is not just to create awareness but to allow people to feel empowered to do something about it. I believe everyone that's participating understands the issue at a high level and want to do something, but just don't know where to start. This program will make a huge change, and the people involved are in a position to make a change because they are leaders in the organisation," Kristian Fok, CIO of Cbus Super Fund says.

Many organisations understand the value of diversity and inclusion but struggle to effectively embed sustainable change and achieve a return on their investments. P2YP™ is a premium intervention targeted at mature organisations that share a common understanding: sustainable change requires active advocacy from those in the most senior and influential positions, to engage and activate their leaders' involvement through an effective and progressive approach.

The Pathway to Your Potential™ proposition:

P2YP™ provides high-end and fully customisable experiences to ensure look and feel is integrated within the organisation and not just an off-the-shelf approach.


P2YP™ operates at the forefront of the leadership, talent, diversity and inclusion movement by:

  • CREATING workplaces conducive to empowerment and enhanced leadership support;
  • DELIVERING high-value and cutting-edge leadership development to drive organisation-wide evolution of gender, people and talent perceptions; and
  • MEASURING outcomes using quantifiable metrics, so growth and development can be tracked.


Workshops, programs, consulting services and coaching that:

  • CHAMPION involvement of "different thinking" at the highest levels and every level; and
  • LEVERAGE the latent potential of all employees, not just extroverts or those fitting traditional corporate leadership moulds.

Transform your talent and leadership agenda now.

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