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Australia's Healthiest Workplace survey, brought to you by AIA Vitality, is a free benchmarking tool giving employers deep insights and a comprehensive overview of the health and wellbeing of their workplace and employees.

Having a healthy workplace and workforce can have a significant impact on productivity through a reduction in both absenteeism and presenteeism.

Australia's Healthiest Workplace surveys a broad range of organisations and their workforces to provide employers with an understanding of the effectiveness of any health interventions and facilities they provide. It also provides insights into the physical and mental health of employees, productivity and culture within the workplace.

Companies can use their findings to create strategies to improve the health of employees, leading to greater productivity, and therefore, improved performance of the overall business.

Each participating employer will receive a comprehensive organisational report which includes the anonymous findings from both employer and employee responses.

Employees who take part in the survey will also receive a personal health report that will include their AIA Vitality age, their current health status and tips to improve their health.

Companies that excel, or have shown a significant improvement since the previous year, will be in the running for Australia's Healthiest Workplace awards to be given out in late 2019.

Companies with at least 20 employees have until 31 May 2019 to register online and the survey period will run from the beginning of June until 31 July.

Click here to register your workplace for 2019 or to view the full results from Australia's Healthiest Workplace 2018 survey.

Find out more about AIA Vitality here.

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