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Reduce the risk of absenteeism and help protect the health of your employees with a flu vaccination

19 November 2019 7:00am

The flu can have a devastating effect on a workplace environment, with the virus circulating quickly between co-workers, causing a significant impact not only on absenteeism, but also presenteeism – where employees are sick on the job.

It is estimated that flu related absenteeism costs Australian businesses $7 billion each year in lost wages, while presenteeism costs $34 billion in lost productivity.

Reports indicate that 2019 has been the worst flu season in Australia, with a record 20% increase in the number of reported flu cases compared with 2017.

Protect your employees' health

Reduce your risk of employees' absenteeism and presenteeism through TerryWhite Chemmart's Corporate Flu Program, which offers customised solutions to keep your employees healthy and productive:

Last year TerryWhite Chemmart partnered with close to 300 organisations to deliver over 100,000 flu vaccination vouchers to employees.

Over 90% of TerryWhite Chemmart's partners rated the Corporate Flu Program as 'highly recommended' and expressed they would utilise the program again.

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