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Blog post: Don't be an HR Stealth Ninja...

HR should be the loudest department in the building. HR should be out in front, leading the charge, taking the risks... Each day that HR stays stealthy is another day your people are hidden from the top brass and another day they are NOT seen as valuable... » more »

Blog post: How to give good feedback

If we're honest, we know that giving good feedback is so tricky, and that often we don't do it well. We fear the reactions of our employees if we ask them to improve. So we avoid giving feedback or we sugarcoat it... » more »

Blog post: The five managerial responses to sabotage at work

How do you deal with behaviour when it involves actions that are labelled as "sabotage"? You know the type of internal cheating I'm talking about - email tips, gossip about someone's performance, misinformation and yes, even stealing the ideas of others and presenting them as your own... » more »

Blog post: Let the "no" case be heard

How should we approach failure? It's fashionable to roll out clich├ęs about failure being the way of learning. That's well and good. But if failure brings down your business or career in one fell swoop, it's a pretty expensive lesson... » more »

Blog post: Reluctant mentors

It is tantalising to have an expert in your midst who - whether by temperament, philosophy, or other limitations - is unable or unwilling to share their expertise broadly with others who are eager for it... » more »