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Foreign talent levy to hit big business; Working parents lack support; and more

Large employers will be the hardest hit by the Federal Government's decision to introduce a levy for employing foreign workers, a specialist warns, while in other news, working parents feel overlooked for promotion; labour hire licensing gains momentum; new cancer resources are available for HR; and more. » more »

FWC finds for employers in rostering disputes; Wages and penalty rates research; and more

In new FWC cases, an employer's right to change rosters without agreement has been upheld, while the commission has criticised EA resolution procedures as "poorly drafted" to cover all dispute scenarios. New research reveals private sector wage movements; sends a warning on penalty rates; and more. » more »

HR's biggest innovation shortfall; Revised PPL Bill; Millennial research; and more

Nearly half of non-HR professionals believe HR doesn't contribute to driving innovation in organisations, research shows. Meanwhile, the Federal Government has introduced a revised PPL Bill; the top graduate employers for 2017 have been recognised; and more. » more »

'Double dipping' bill introduced; HR in 2016's most in-demand skills list; and more

The Federal Government has introduced new legislation to prevent parents 'double dipping' on Government- and employer-funded parental leave. Meanwhile, research shows most employers and employees have seen poor culture fit lead to workplace conflict; demand for HR skills is increasing; and more. » more »