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Get workers fit and boost your competitive edge

From exercises in the park to gruelling, Survivor-style workshops on a tropical island, a major Australian employer is boosting staff morale - and its "competitive advantage" - by investing heavily in the fitness of its workers.

Look beyond inherent requirements or risk damages bill

HR and recruitment managers should bear in mind "what a judge would think" before blithely rejecting job applicants who "fail" inherent requirements tests, a workplace relations lawyer says.

HR managers doing more with less

Fewer than one in 10 HR leaders had additional budget to invest in people-based initiatives over the last year, according to new research.

Gender equality: "There is more work to be done"

The low prevalence of paid maternity leave in female-dominated industries shows "there is more work to be done" on gender equality in Australia, says Sex Discrimination Commissioner, Elizabeth Broderick.

Beware RTW discrimination claims, communication critical

Employers that fail to make "reasonable adjustments" for stress-affected employees returning to work could face discrimination claims, an employment lawyer warns, and improving communication streams, according to a business lecturer, is pivotal.

Culture must send messages to employees: Roche

Recognising that "employees are not the paid enemy" is a necessary step toward a workplace culture that fosters high retention and financial success, says Roche Australia's national L&D manager, Becky Casey.

Employment rights standard sets benchmark for workplace culture

A new Australian Standard of Employment Rights gives employers and workers a benchmark against which to measure the industrial relations health of their workplace, says University of Sydney professor of labour law, Ron McCallum.

Prevent workplace love from killing your business

Policies prohibiting workplace love are untenable, an organisational psychologist says, but employers can take steps to prevent romantic relationships from stifling productivity or ending in a harassment claim.

Change relationship models or damage your business

Current HR development strategies are "hindering" and "damaging" businesses by failing to meet the 21st-century needs of employers and workers, a workplace consultant says.

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