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Employers to pay "market rates" under 457 changes

Changes to the 457-visa scheme are mostly in favour of 457 holders, and will disadvantage employers that have relied on on-the-job training, according to Acacia Immigration Australia director, Mark Webster.

Slash workers' comp costs with pre-hire tests, but beware discrimination

Injury compensation costs employers an average $1100 per employee per year, but organisations can significantly reduce injuries - and hefty compo bills - with "inexpensive" pre-employment assessments and a "dedicated medical network", says occupational therapist Waqar Malik.

Deal with under-performers swiftly and save morale

Under-performing or difficult employees can have a devastating impact on their colleagues' morale, but proactive and "busy" line managers can stamp out negative behaviour, says psychologist and workplace consultant Dr Steven Saunders.

The five "enabling assumptions" of successful change

Most "change" strategies are dated and doomed to fail, but employers can build a foundation for change success with five "enabling assumptions", according to management consultant Peter Fuda.

Corporate careers sites turning off candidates

The majority of corporate careers sites in Australia discourage candidates from applying for a job, says Brett Iredale, former recruiter and now CEO of multi-job-posting service JobAdder.

Treat employees as employees, not stakeholders

Employers that think of their workers as individuals as opposed to a stakeholder group with "homogenous interests" are more likely to distinguish themselves as employers of choice, a researcher says.

Talent acquisition must never cease: analysts

Most employers are forced from time to time to slow hiring, freeze headcounts or make layoffs, but "mature-class" organisations never stop nurturing their talent pools, according to HR analysts.

Tackle the effort-reward imbalance and cut stress

Employees who don't feel they receive managerial support or monetary rewards in line with their efforts are more likely to suffer from stress, physical injuries or even heart attacks, an academic warns.

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