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Support leaders or lose them, report warns

HR managers must have leadership development programs in place for employees or face the risk of losing them when the economy recovers, a new report warns.

L&D must include production, person and problem-solving focus

Human resource development budgets should be divided equally between three key learning and development philosophies, focusing on 'production', 'person' and 'problem-solving', says Winners At Work managing director Dr Tim Baker.

Two-thirds of workers disengaged, exodus looming

Employees who don't have a clear understanding of "what is expected of them and what they are accountable for" are unlikely to care about their employer's success, says Right Management's Bridget Beattie, who warns that nearly two in three workers are at risk of fleeing their jobs within the next 12 months.

Blog post: Could VP of HR ever be the stepping stone to CEO?

If people truly are our "most important asset" and HR is in charge of managing the company's "human" resources, then doesn't it stand to reason that the top HR position should merely be a stepping stone to the corner office? It makes perfect sense but why isn't it happening more often?

Re-focus bargaining negotiations on productivity gains

The employers that will get the most benefit from enterprise bargaining negotiations under the new system are those that have a strong handle on the drivers of their business, and who embrace "new thinking and new skills", says workplace lawyer Chris Gardner.

Executive pay must be controlled, but caps could damage business, says PC

Employers that restrict the influence executives have on their own pay packets can avoid being "tarred with the same brush" as organisations perceived as rewarding failed leaders, the Productivity Commission says, but it has rejected a push to cap executive pay and bonuses.

How do you select your recruitment partners?

With recruitment consultants currently "jostling" for business, deciding which one to use can be a daunting task for HR, says trainer Ross Clennett.

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