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Franklins introduces paid parental leave

Supermarket chain Franklins has introduced a paid parental leave scheme that pays employees a bonus when they return to work.

Stop trying to "own" your brand

Employers must accept that they no longer have ultimate control over their employer brand - but there are some steps they can take to keep the message positive, says US-based HR commentator Dr John Sullivan.

More men need to access workplace flexibility: EOWA

Flexible work arrangements will be seen as solutions to the "problem" of women's employment until more men access them, says the director of the Equal Opportunity for Women in the Workplace Agency (EOWA), Mairi Steele.

Blog post: 54 Per Cent of Companies Have Bad Management

Given that 63% of Australian employees are not fully engaged at work it is not surprising that they are looking for a distraction. Close down Facebook, Twitter, MySpace whatever you will not see an increase in productivity...

Unprepared employers face three "recruit and replace" phases

The economic recovery will hit employers "like a tsunami", says human capital consultant Anthony Sork. Employers acting too late to stop the exodus of their workers must focus on attaching and on-boarding their replacement recruits.

Boost your employees' creativity, immediately

There is no reason why creativity, innovation and problem-solving skills shouldn't be included in the everyday skills taught in every workplace, says organisational psychologist Dr Amantha Imber.

HR helped speed Australia's GFC recovery: AHRI chief

Australia's low unemployment rate throughout the GFC is attributable in part to HR's greater involvement in business strategy and commitment to minimising job losses, says AHRI CEO, Serge Sardo.

Blog post: The recession is over. Now what?

The economy has focused employees' needs for status and equity outward ("Two of my neighbours lost their jobs; I'm just happy to have mine"), but at some point in the near future they'll return their focus inside the four walls of your organisation and you better be ready...

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