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Attract talented graduates with flexibility and the "amazing things" you do

A multifaceted HR strategy, including flexibility, internal promotions, overtime banking and an image makeover, has helped technology giant ThyssenKrupp become one of the planet's most enticing employers for graduate talent, according to its chief personnel officer, Ralph Labonte.

Compliance cuts are risky business in volatile times

The volatile economy makes it crucial that employers consider whether their compliance program is up-to-date and appropriate for the current market, according to lawyer Randal Dennings.

HR sector hit hard as job ads crash

Online job ads fell by a record 12.6 per cent in January, with human resources among the hardest-hit sectors.

Can you demonstrate the economic value of talent management?

During tough times there is increased pressure on every business function to demonstrate a positive impact on business performance, but HR professionals have generally failed miserably in demonstrating the revenue impact of talent, according to international talent expert, Dr John Sullivan.

Prepare for online reputation attacks

Business leaders are "short-sighted" about the harm employees can cause by going online to complain about their bosses and leak confidential information, according to the authors of a new survey.

Alumni programs proliferate as downturn deepens

Employers are ramping up their alumni programs in a bid to maintain good relationships and maximise prospects for re-hiring staff that might lose their jobs during the downturn.

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