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Perceptions of long-tenured employees 'outdated'

Many organisations undergoing transformations run the risk of losing corporate wisdom and their "cultural soul" by failing to engage long-tenured employees in the process, says a leadership expert.

Business driver alignment elevates talent functions

Talent acquisition functions focused on driving efficiencies have a "limited life" and risk being outsourced, but identifying and aligning to business drivers will help ensure they grow with the organisation, says in-house recruitment specialist Trevor Vas.

Webcast: Elevating Talent Acquisition

Talent acquisition functions must focus beyond efficiencies and cost savings if they are to demonstrate value and relevance. This short webcast sets out a best-practice framework to elevate TA to a strategic and high-performing function.

"Intelligence wave" about to hit HR

HR leaders require a new mindset to help their organisations take full advantage of the imminent "intelligence wave", and if they don't start preparing now, it will be hard to catch up.

Social storytelling amps up grad campaign

Including social media storytelling in its graduate recruitment marketing campaign has led to a 50 per cent boost in applications for the Australian arm of a global employer, according to the head of its people team.

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