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Q&A: Casual employment developments

The Fair Work Commission has handed down important rulings for employers on calculating overtime rates for casual employees, and what constitutes regular and systematic employment.

Q&A: What happens next for stood-down workforces?

Many employers responded swiftly to COVID-19 by standing down workers, and now as restrictions lift they face big questions about which steps to take next. In this Q&A, an employment lawyer shares some guiding principles.

Q&A: Returning to workplaces

Many employers are now preparing or transitioning back to workplaces, and this has given rise to questions around managing employee pushback, safety obligations and liabilities, long-term flexibility, and more. Here, an employment lawyer answers some key questions.

How leaders move organisations from 'surviving' to 'thriving'

As COVID-19 restrictions loosen and organisations that have weathered significant disruption prepare for further change, some leaders remain in crisis mode, some are stabilising, and some are considering opportunities for reinvention, a leadership specialist says.

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