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Rapid testing issues; Vaccination pushback; and more

  • Rapid testing fraught with new HR challenges
  • Employees using 'template letters' for vaccine pushback
  • New vaccine management tech
  • HR news in brief: employer programs, support and initiatives

Crucial time to review 'conversation culture'

With vaccinations and other COVID-related conversations poised to divide workplaces, it's time for HR to proactively drive their organisations' "conversation culture", a conflict expert says.

Workplace vaccination scheme announced

Large employers will be able to partner with healthcare providers to offer workplace vaccinations, Health Minister Greg Hunt has announced.

Webcast: Mandatory workplace vaccinations

In the wake of new guidance on workplace vaccination policies, many employers remain unclear about their rights and obligations. Watch this HR Daily Premium webcast for straight facts on where the law and regulators stand on workplace vaccination policies and practices.

Prepare for "battleground" if mandating vaccinations

The Fair Work Ombudsman's new advice on workplace vaccination policies fails to provide the "certainty that most employers are craving" and could in fact create a "battleground" for employers trying to manage refusals, a lawyer says.

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