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Webcast: Developments in enterprise bargaining

Recent developments in the enterprise bargaining space include a welcome law change for employers, and important rulings that clarify the negotiating landscape. This HR Daily Premium webcast will help you understand the impact of recent decisions, disputes and approvals.

Webcast: Annualised wage arrangements

Modern award amendments affecting annualised salaries are among the biggest changes to impact HR in recent years. This webcast will help you understand how the new modern award clauses are intended to operate; record-keeping and wage conciliation obligations; alternatives to the modern award provisions; and more.

Webcast: HR hot spots 2020

The employment and industrial relations space continues to be a hive of activity, with further legal reforms and important court rulings imminent. This webinar discusses the most crucial developing issues.

Webcast: Ill and injured employees update

Failing to appropriately manage ill and injured workers can have a broad range of ramifications. This webinar clarifies specific obligations and provide best practice tips.

Webcast: Unfair dismissal update

Certain Fair Work Commission rulings from 2019 will have a lasting impact on employers' defence of unfair dismissal claims. This HR Daily Premium webcast discusses key themes and lessons from the case law.

Webcast: Sponsoring overseas talent update

Since last year's sponsorship changes, the rate of visa refusals has been increasing, and at significant cost to nominating organisations. Watch this short webcast for tips on minimising the financial risks of recruiting overseas talent.

Webcast: Redundancies and redeployment update

Workplace restructures are fraught with legal risks and remain one of the most challenging areas of Fair Work Act compliance. This webinar clarifies employers' specific obligations and provides best practice tips.

Webcast: What's next for industrial relations?

There is "movement afoot" in industrial relations reform. This webcast sheds light on the likely direction of the Coalition's review (including EA approvals, casual employment, labour hire and more); how the union movement might respond; and what employers should be thinking about.

Webcast: Procedural fairness update

Courts and commissions are more closely scrutinising not just the validity of employers' termination decisions, but also the fairness of their procedures. This webinar will discuss typical mistakes, their ramifications, and how to avoid them.

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