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Webcast: Workplace vaccination policies

In the wake of new guidance on workplace vaccination policies, many employers remain unclear about their rights and obligations. Watch this HR Daily Premium webcast for straight facts on where the law and regulators stand on workplace vaccination policies and practices.

Webcast: Workplace investigations - What has changed in 2021?

Expectations of workplace investigations have changed dramatically in the past year, as the management of s-xual harassment issues is under far greater scrutiny. Watch this webcast to ensure your investigations are as thorough and defensible as possible.

Webcast: Employment contracts update

In today's highly litigious environment, watertight contracts for all employees are a must. Watch this webcast for an update on employment contract fundamentals, common pitfalls, recent developments and more.

Webcast: Managing social media misconduct

Whether it's 'keyboard warriors', online bullying/harassment, #metoo allegations, disparaging remarks or political views, employees' social media activity can give employers plenty to be concerned about. Watch this webcast to understand how this area interacts with employers' legal rights and responsibilities.

Webcast: Enterprise bargaining update

Employers are "mourning" the IR omnibus Bill's ill-fated enterprise bargaining changes, but there are plenty of other developments in this space to watch and prepare for, an employment lawyer says.

Webcast: Casual employment compliance update

Major amendments to the Fair Work Act are providing employers with much-needed clarity around casual employment. Watch this webcast to understand exactly what is changing and how to respond.

Webcast: Minimising workplace psych risks

Psychological injury risks and mental health issues are receiving heightened levels of HR attention in light of pandemic-related stresses and remote working. This webcast discusses employers' legal obligations in this space, including reasonable adjustment considerations and implications for managing work processes.

Webcast: Adverse action case law update

General protections claims are on the rise, with employees feeling they have little to lose by launching an action. Watch this webcast for an up-to-date look at recent developments, rulings and practical risk-mitigation strategies.

Webcast: HR hot spots 2021

HR has never been so challenged, important and busy, with no signs of slowing down. In this webcast, a lawyer discusses the most pressing issues HR professionals are likely to face during 2021 and how to prepare for them.

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