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Three key practices when managing injured employees; and more

Best-practice management of workplace health issues requires a careful balance between the organisation's and employees' needs, covering three key bases, HR Daily Community member Nick Hedges says in this week's featured post.

Virtual mediation success; COVID-inflated damages; and more

Scepticism about virtual workplace mediation might be unfounded; it's not ideal for all scenarios but in some ways leads to better outcomes than are often achieved face-to-face, HR Daily Community member Zandy Fell says.

Tailored wellbeing programs; Safety is now HR's biggest challenge; and more

In this week's featured post, Sandy Hutchison outlines why there's no one-size-fits-all approach to wellbeing programs. HR Daily Community members are also blogging about safety as an HR challenge, returning to the workplace, employer-contractor relationships and more.

A strategic plan for the 'new normal'; Back-to-work burnout; and more

HR Daily Community member Catherine Gillespie shares some predictions about how COVID-19 will change workplace expectations moving forward, and how to minimise potential for grievances. Community members are also blogging about back-to-work burnout, workplace bullying, communication strategies and more.

Developing "cultural plasticity"; Re-engaging teams post-COVID-19; and more

In this week's featured post, HR Daily Community member Suzanne Gavrilovic discusses a new definition of workplace culture, and highlights the need for "cultural plasticity". Community members are also blogging about re-engaging teams in a post-COVID-19 workplace, harnessing online meetings, and more

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