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Preparing for the unexpected in workplace investigations; and more

Workplace investigations don't always go as planned so it is vital for employers to "prepare for the unexpected", HR Daily Community member Nick Hedges says. In this week's featured post, he shares recent learnings and tips from a detailed and lengthy investigation.

Three WFH 'trouble spots' clarified

Many employers are still grappling with what they're responsible for when employees are working from home. In this week's featured HR Daily Community post, workplace lawyer Jonathan Mamaril sheds light on three key trouble spots.

Where HR can achieve "quick wins" this year

HR leaders can achieve some "quick wins" in minimising their exposure to legal claims this year by taking steps in four key areas, an employment lawyer says in this week's featured HR Daily Community blog post.

Employers on high alert for burnout; and more

The stressful mix of "super-tight" deadlines and disjointed staff availability as the year ends can quickly result in employee burnout, HR Daily Community member Debbie Morrison says in sharing six steps to address the issue.

How 'wage theft' reforms will impact employers; and more

This week, HR Daily Community member Damon King has provided a comprehensive overview of 'wage theft' proposals, and what they might mean for employers. Other new posts cover secret recordings during workplace investigations; recruiting for neurodiversity; and much more.

When to treat resignations as genuine; and more

Accepting an employee's resignation is not always clear cut, recent case law shows. In this week's featured post an HR Daily Community member sets out three important areas to consider.

Leaders and 'above the line' behaviour; Working parents; and more

Leaders sometimes claim they are pushed "below the line" of acceptable workplace conduct when dealing with others' misbehaviour, but this indicates they lack responsibility, resilience and influence, HR Daily Community member Catherine Gillespie warns in this week's featured post.

Five HR priorities to action before the end of 2020

As 2020 comes to an end, now is a good time for HR to prioritise five issues that COVID-19 thrust into the spotlight, HR Daily Community member Merilyn Speiser says in this week's featured post.

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