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Webcast: FWC-ready workplace investigations

With workplace investigations attracting greater scrutiny from the Fair Work Commission, it's essential that HR professionals can demonstrate sound, procedurally fair processes. Will yours always stand up? In this webcast, an expert outlines expert tips for framing allegations and assessing witness credibility, and much more.

Webcast: Workplace responses to domestic violence

The prevalence of domestic and family violence, and its impact in the workplace, make it an issue that employers can't ignore. This HR Daily Premium webcast outlines best-practice responses to DV issues.

Webcast: Giving feedback on poor performance

How do you achieve positive feedback experiences when employees are underperforming? Watch this HR Daily Premium webcast for practical guidance on providing feedback, goal setting for peak performance, preparing for the conversation, and more.

Webcast: Engaging through the brain

Organisations that take a neuroscience-focused approach to employee engagement are reporting higher performance, collaboration, innovation and agility. Watch this webcast to learn how the brain underpins all engagement and performance measures, and strategies to foster a brain-friendly culture.

Webcast: Maximising ROI on talent management

Employers' advances in talent identification have outpaced their progress in talent management, with many not achieving a return on their TM investment, nor retaining their high performers. Watch this webcast to learn about the essential components in any talent development program, and more.

Webcast: Reignite your HR career

Experience and expertise are critical for HR professionals to be effective. But to excel, they now need to bring their personal brand of humanity and empathy to work by activating their "essence". Watch this webcast to learn how to build your influence and enhance your impact on culture and engagement.

Webcast: Effective Performance Strategies

Despite all the hype, removing annual reviews and ratings has had a questionable impact. The world of work is evolving, and performance management systems are in need of another shake-up - but how? Watch this webcast to learn which new strategies have the most potential to drive performance and how one organisation is changing its approach.

Webcast: The new era of workplace learning

Workplace learning has changed forever: as "consumers", employees now expect to learn what they want, when they want, how they want. This webcast outlines five main expectations of modern L&D, new metrics for determining workplace learning ROI, and much more.

Webcast: Resilience for HR and leaders

Resilience is now recognised as an essential trait for senior leaders, enabling them to work better under pressure and manage resistance to change. In this webcast a neuroleadership specialist shares practical strategies for building resilience, and explains the important role it plays in professional and personal success.

Webcast: Building HR's influence

HR professionals have a great opportunity to step up as business leaders and increase their influence both in and outside their organisation. Watch this webcast to hear the business case for building a professional brand, specific steps on how to do this, and more.

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