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Webcast: Elevating Talent Acquisition

Talent acquisition functions must focus beyond efficiencies and cost savings if they are to demonstrate value and relevance. This short webcast sets out a best-practice framework to elevate TA to a strategic and high-performing function.

Webcast: Behavioural insights for lasting cultural change

Behavioural insights are being used with great success to change people's behaviour in many spheres, but the concept is yet to become mainstream in HR practices. Watch this webcast to learn how to use 'nudges' to build momentum in challenging cultural change projects.

Webcast: SWP for an agile organisation

Digital disruption is forcing a rethink of business models and organisational design. In this HR Daily Premium webcast, an expert shares how agile structures have important ramifications for strategic workforce planning, and a value-centric model for role evaluation.

Webcast: Effective communication - Get sh*t done!

Communication isn't always comfortable, and in today's workplace too many people avoid conversations that are critical to productivity and organisational success. Watch this webcast to learn how to have better conversations for leadership, change, performance and collaboration.

Webcast: Essential metrics for recruiting success

Quality of hire is the holy grail in recruitment, but exceedingly difficult to measure. This HR Daily Premium webcast discusses five recruitment metrics that create transparency and offer valuable insights into your hiring process.

Webcast: Making flexible work, work

Flexible work is still too often considered a 'perk' for working parents, when its true value lies in attracting, engaging and retaining staff while boosting productivity and business results. Watch this webcast to learn about business case and ROI considerations, how to make 'all roles flex', overcoming challenges to workplace flexibility, and more.

Webcast: Demystifying HR tech

It's crucial for HR professionals to build their understanding of HR technology and its potential to transform people functions to avoid being duped by fads. In this webcast, an expert explains how to distinguish between the hype and reality of emerging technologies and achieve a return on investment.

Webcast: Managing personality conflicts at work

Early intervention is key to ensure workplace personality conflicts don't escalate, but HR professionals can't act if they're unaware of issues. In this webcast, an expert outlines factors that foster conflict, and ways to recognise and resolve clashes.

Webcast: Boosting HR's professional influence

Convincing stakeholders to invest in workplace initiatives and embrace change remains a challenging task for most HR professionals. The solution is greater professional influence, and this webcast explains how to build it.

Webcast: Time to act on pay equity

Employers that fail to manage pay equity will see reduced employee trust in leadership, lower employee engagement, increased turnover, and poorer business performance overall. In this webcast, a rewards and benefits expert discusses how to identify and quantify pay gaps, formulate an action plan to address them, and more.

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