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Webcast: Emotional intelligence and the road to recovery

Emotional intelligence is set to play a major role in the success (or otherwise) of organisations navigating their recovery from the COVID-19 crisis. Watch this webcast to understand what science says about leadership behaviour.

Webcast: Workplace culture - review and reset

The COVID-19 crisis has disrupted organisations in countless ways, but it also provides an opportunity to reset some important elements of workplace culture. This webinar discusses team rebalancing, listening strategies, and welfare discussions.

Webcast: Performance strategies during workplace disruption

The coronavirus pandemic and its business impact raise entirely new challenges in performance management. This webinar provides an update on performance management and why it isn't working; performance strategies that make an impact; and what specifically needs to change, in light of COVID-19.

Webcast: Employer branding in a crisis

Whether hiring is now going gangbusters, completely frozen, or somewhere in between, strong employer branding remains crucial and must be handled with sensitivity. This webcast outlines critical branding and messaging considerations during a downturn.

Webcast: HR's role in conflict resolution

Organisations often have unrealistic expectations when workplace conflicts arise, handballing problems to HR functions, but this webinar explores what HR's role should – and shouldn't – involve.

Webcast: Best practices in parental leave

Gone are the days when parental leave was just a matter of compliance. Watch this webcast to understand how workplace parental practices can give employers a competitive advantage, boosting productivity, innovation, employer branding and retention.

Webcast: Future-proofing HR through networking

In this highly practical webinar, relational strategist Julia Palmer shares critical communication and networking techniques to help HR professionals future-proof themselves in the 'human age', and build meaningful connections in their organisation.

Webcast: Emotional intelligence in the workplace

While everyone now agrees that emotional intelligence is important, many employers are yet to act on that knowledge in ways that truly benefit their workplace. This HR Daily Premium webcast outlines applications of successful emotional intelligence programs; practical takeaways for HR and managers; and more.

Webcast: Reengaging long-term employees

Long-tenured employees are sometimes overlooked in workplace culture, engagement and transformation efforts, but losing these employees and their knowledge can be devastating. This webcast sets out how to reengage them to become "second-half heroes".

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