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Webcast: Workplace Investigative Interviewing

Interviews are an integral part of any workplace investigation, and play a vital role in ensuring a fair and just outcome after bullying, misconduct or unsafe work. Watch this webcast to develop your skills and help your organisation make the best decisions after workplace incidents.

In this presentation expert investigator Harriet Stacey, from WISE Workplace, explains:

  • the PEACE framework for structuring workplace interviews;
  • how to interview the respondent of a workplace allegation;
  • how to apply procedural fairness principles during interviews;
  • privacy, confidentiality, anonymity and related considerations;
  • rules around record-keeping, and more.

Webcast: Workplace investigations - Interviewing complainants

Do you know how to obtain an honest, reliable account from a complainant after a workplace incident? Watch this webcast to learn which steps to take.

The presentation, by WISE Workplace founder and expert interviewer Harriet Stacey, covers:

  • the aim of the complainant interview;
  • the nature of incidents reported by complainants;
  • the role of memory;
  • cognitive interviewing strategies;
  • applying the PEACE model to complainant interviews; and
  • recording interviews.

Webcast: Developing a social media policy

Implementing a policy to regulate employees' social media behaviour puts employers in a "much better place" to prevent some of the damage that can occur, says employment lawyer Fay Calderone.

Webcast: Internal communication during change

Internal communication plays a vital role in driving workplace change. Watch this webcast to hear communications expert Jonathan Champ share his tips for communicating during change.

Webcast: Crucial Conversations

In this presentation, learn the principles of "crucial conversations", and start to remove barriers to achieving results in all aspects of work.

Brian Taylor, of the Sydney Institute of Management, covers:

  • the essential elements of crucial conversations;
  • the "silence to violence" continuum;
  • three skills needed for crucial conversations;
  • principles of effective dialogue;
  • what we can learn from "masters of dialogue"; and
  • applications for crucial conversations.

Webcast: Improve your boardroom influence

"There's no doubt that boardroom influence is something we all want more of," says Presentability co-founder Phil Preston.

This presentation outlines how to:

  • gain attention from the outset;
  • frame out issues for your audience; and
  • effectively sell your ideas.

Webcast: Putting value back into position descriptions

HR professionals should play a "quality control" role in overseeing position descriptions, providing advice and support to managers and their employees.

In this webcast Right Management principal consultant Michael Sleap outlines:

  • the characteristics of great position descriptions;
  • the benefits of using position descriptions;
  • the costs and risks of not having position descriptions;
  • effective management of PDs;
  • who should write the PD; and
  • the future of PDs.


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