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Employee sacked for breaching policy, not political views

A lawyer whose contract was terminated after he publicly criticised the Federal Government was not subjected to adverse action because of a political view, but rather punished for breaching the firm's media policy, a federal court has upheld.

HR manager's adverse action ruling overturned

A court has overturned an employee's $160k compensation for adverse action, finding an HR manager was justified in dismissing an absent employee who refused to attend an independent medical examination.

Worker to pay costs of doomed claim; Employer's costs bid backfires

The Fair Work Commission has ordered costs against an employee who refused to accept multiple settlement offers in the hopes of being reinstated. In another case, an employer that tried to "punish" an employee for his claim has to pay his costs.

Manager claims missed promotion was discrimination

The Federal Court has reaffirmed that employment policies aimed at addressing gender imbalance are protected from discrimination legislation, in a case brought by a former employee who alleges he was overlooked for a promotion because he is a man.

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