Performance management, terminations, social media and leadership were hot topics in HR this year, a review of HR Daily's most-read articles shows.

Performance and talent management

Many employers think effective performance management hinges on either retaining or abandoning the traditional system of ratings and reviews, but execution is far more important than the system itself, according to a PwC partner.

In other performance and talent management headlines this year:

Social media

Employers that refer to the broader organisational impacts of social media misconduct when deciding on disciplinary responses might be better placed to defend their actions, an employment lawyer says.

Other big news in this space in 2017:

Misconduct and terminations

Evidence of a worker's serious misconduct, no matter how strong, is no guarantee an on-the-spot dismissal will be considered fair in court, according to a lawyer.

The top misconduct and termination stories this year include:


Leadership was another hot topic, and in this year's most-read article psychologist and author Daniel Goleman stressed that emotional intelligence is twice as important as IQ and technical skills for successful leadership.

Also on leadership:

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