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Multi-generational workforces, digitisation and skills shortages are some of the trends taking talent management to a crossroads. This new Korn Ferry report, Reimagining Talent Management, looks at how the world's top companies are refreshing or disrupting their approach to people strategy to deal with the dramatic changes taking place in workforces.

Almost all organisations in the research are asking themselves how they can make their talent management fit-for-purpose and more likely to deliver solutions to the new world of work. When it comes to answering that question, our research shows that the most proactive companies are following eight talent imperatives identified in the study.

8 Imperatives to Reimagining Talent Management:

  1. Make choices and focus.
  2. Aim for the best people with no compromise.
  3. Think person, not process.
  4. Think capability, not role.
  5. Talk career, not development.
  6. Put simplification at heart.
  7. Focus on mindset, not process.
  8. Structure for transformation, not tradition.

To find out more about the research and eight imperatives to harness the gifts of your people in a way that delivers market advantage, read the report: Reimagining Talent Management

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