As we come to the end of 2018, many organisations still have awful or non-existent onboarding.

Excited, talented new hires are still being met by unprepared managers and a cold welcome.

Both HR and line managers abhor the process so much that they're engaged in a perpetual game of hot potatoes – "you do it!", "no, you do it!"

Here's the problem with traditional onboarding: in chasing efficiency, work readiness and compliance, many organisations have ignored the effect of this process on new hires' early experiences and engagement.

The results?

  • A highly disengaged workforce, with 85 per cent of employees worldwide not engaged or actively disengaged; and
  • High turnover – many companies now predict they will only be able to deliver 67 per cent of the leaders they will need in the coming years.

Yes, with the help of technology, we can automate and streamline the process. But that does not solve the engagement issue.

Get onboard, or sink into irrelevance

There are three reasons why engagement onboarding makes business sense:

  1. Win the talent war through engagement and retention – follow up your talent acquisition efforts with engaging onboarding to ensure retention;
  2. Research has found the first six months determines if a new hire stays or leaves. The onboarding experience will be critical in this decision; and
  3. Employees are now consumers of the workplace. Thanks to sites like Glassdoor and other social media, jobseekers now have the power and insight to "shop around". Workplaces with great employee experience and engagement will have the edge.

How to fix onboarding

It's time for HR leaders to shift the business mindset and start thinking about onboarding with a focus on engagement, employee experience, and the human connection.

Enboarder is the first dedicated engagement onboarding platform focused on employee experience.

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