Too often, diversity initiatives fall flat within an organisation. This is because the structure and support are not in place for the organisation, the employee or both.

DLPA is launching the Vulnerable Women Project in 2019, which supports women from disadvantaged backgrounds into employment and successful careers.

The process starts with the employer providing us with a brief for the role they would like to fill. We then recruit an appropriate candidate into the program. Over the subsequent 12 months we work with the employer to provide support for creating a more diverse workgroup, and provide a 12-month training and mentoring program to the candidate.

This is a new, exciting and sustainable approach to diversity-based recruitment.

The organisation gets:

  • a candidate matched to a role required in the organisation;
  • coaching for the candidate's direct supervisor;
  • support and education for the broader workgroup; and
  • support and advice for overall diversity initiatives.

Pricing starts from $15,000 per candidate. Employers are eligible for wage subsidies of up to $10,000 per candidate.

Contact us at to discuss this project in detail.

DLPA is a consultancy firm, focusing on using the human capital of an organisation to create competitive advantage. We are passionate about positive change and supporting individuals and organisations to reach their full potential.

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