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14 August 2020 2:14pm

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Managing unwell employees on an ad hoc basis increases the risk of claims and undocumented absences, making it critical for employers to enforce clear sick leave policies, Hall & Wilcox partner Fay Calderone says. This area has never been more important given the "minefield" of workplace issues employers are currently navigating, she says.

An employee's confusion about Qantas' workplace policies didn't justify his decision to view pornographic content at work, the Fair Work Commission has ruled. It found Qantas had not provided clear instruction and training, but this didn't mitigate the employee's misconduct.


The job insecurity employees are experiencing as a result of automation and digitisation is different to the impact of COVID-19, says Curtin University professor Sharon Parker. But her research shows that workers who take proactive steps to improve their career opportunities can reduce their stress and career dissatisfaction.


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The High Court has clarified what constitutes one "day" when calculating personal leave entitlements under the NES. Ashurst partner Jon Lovell says the decision restores a common-sense approach to the issue.


An HR manager displayed the "antithesis of appropriate, professional and acceptable employment relations practice" in directing an employee's transfer, the FWC has ruled. It said the directive was a "non-negotiable fait accompli" with no consultation "whatsoever", in breach of award provisions.


Equipping organisations with the soft skills they need for the future requires a hard strategy, not just a development program, says Oracle HR transformation expert, Rowan Tonkin. He says developing soft skills is a "beautiful" leadership opportunity for HR.

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