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Leading Through Adversity – a virtual leadership program designed for now

12 May 2020 2:03pm

We are in the midst of the greatest adaptive leadership challenge we have faced.

Mobilising and engaging people, leveraging technology and adapting processes to support remote working, motivation and performance is critical – and must be done fast in a time of intense anxiety and uncertainty.

There has never been a more urgent need to foster a collaborative and agile workforce, and new leadership capability is required to get it right and ensure future success.

The Leading Through Adversity program has been designed in partnership by Nous Group and the Australian School of Applied Management (ASAM). Its purpose is to quickly equip leaders with techniques and tools to deal with issues they are facing in the context of COVID-19.

The program has been designed to support leaders in:

The program is delivered to ensure minimum time for maximum impact:

Participants can join the program individually or as part of an in-house cohort. It consists of four short, high-impact modules that address practical strategies for leadership in your current reality. Each module consists of a 90-minute live webinar supported by learning before and after, with small cohorts to foster rich dialogue. As a participant, you will:

In-house programs provide an option to:

The course will utilise a tandem-facilitation approach where a subject matter expert will co-facilitate alongside a virtual learning expert, to ensure the most effective virtual learning experience for you.

To book as an individual visit the course page on ASAM's website.

Contact Nous Group to discuss running the program for a cohort within your organisation.

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