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20 March 2020 2:14pm

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Among the many Coronavirus-related issues employers are facing this week: unions are 'naming and faming' organisations for their leave responses; leaders must be more inclusive with remote teams; minimum wage timing is in question; and the FWC is minimising face-to-face proceedings.


The fact that HR's role is to "protect the interests of the organisation" is sometimes lost or overlooked, according to The Zalt Group director Zandy Fell. But she says the clearer HR professionals are about this, the more confident and secure they will be during workplace conflicts.


Almost a year after opening its doors, Commonwealth Bank's newest workspace has ranked fourth globally and first nationally in an index that measures workplace productivity, pride, and sense of community.

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Remote work risks becoming "too much" for many employees very quickly, as a result of missing the connection and camaraderie that comes from working in the same physical space, says FlexCareers co-founder Joel McInnes. This will have flow-on impacts to culture, so employers will need to create "digital water cooler moments".


An 'internal-first' policy is helping Amaysim shore up its talent pipelines for the future, says chief people and culture officer Tracey Murphy. "We do succession plans every quarter, so we're always going back to that saying 'well, we said this person was almost ready to step up. Here's an opportunity. Let's give that a go' and not worrying about externals."


An employee who refused to return her company vehicle and sent hostile texts to HR while on leave for work-related stress was fairly dismissed, the Fair Work Commission has ruled. It highlighted the "fair go all round" principle must apply to both sides of employment relationships.

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