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23 January 2019 7:00am

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Event: Maximising Employee Experience
Location: Sydney
Event time: 16–17 April 2019
Organisation: Criterion Conferences
Contact name: Criterion Conferences
Contact phone: 02 9239 5700
Contact email:

The working world needs to keep up with the growing number of Millennials and Generation Z in the workforce, who expect changes and flexibility throughout their working life.

The advances in technology also require different working experiences. As technology and AI continue to expand their roles in business operations, keeping employees engaged and upskilling them is imperative to future success.

Employee experience (EX) is now being looked at with the same level of importance as customer experience (CX). The Maximising Employee Experience conference will take you on the journey of employee experience, from determining what your business culture is, improving EX and getting buy-in to looking towards the future.

The EX conference will give you practical takeaways and tips that you can use on your own transformative journey.

You will hear:

Download the event program here.

Hear from a terrific lineup of speakers including:

Download the event program to see the full speaker lineup.

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