Upcoming webcast | Employer branding: Making great campaigns even better

Malcolm Peak, Peak Corporate Solutions
Malcolm Peak, Peak Corporate Solutions

Has it ever been more important to have an effective employer brand?

This HR Daily Premium webcast will look at what makes a great employer branding campaign in today's market.

Peak Corporate Solutions director Malcolm Peak will dissect three specific employer campaigns, analysing:

  • the creative assets and imagery;
  • messaging in materials; and
  • the behaviour of leaders and employee experience.

He will also discuss:

  • the 'balanced triangle' of any successful employer brand;
  • using TikTok for employer branding;
  • COVID-19's impact on brands; and more.

About the presenter

Malcolm Peak is the director of Peak Corporate Solutions, which helps organisations develop strong and attractive employer brands to support their talent sourcing, attraction, retention and engagement strategies.

His experience spans senior roles in corporate, advisory, sales and business leadership, and the clients he's assisted range from start-ups through to Federal & State Governments and ASX-listed entities.

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